A Focus on Women’s Mental Health

The audience profile for this conversation group is open to everyone. Audiences are encouraged to attend each conversation group or to select individual topics of their choice. This event is set up with the audience in mind to lead the dialogue. The experts are available to keep shared discussions bound by the topics of the day and to provide proactive solutions to concepts discussed.

Dates: 4, 11, 18, and 25 September

Time: 8.00 – 8.45 am, every Wednesday morning during September

LocationRegus, ground floor, Blanchardstown Corporate Park 1, Block 1

Registration link: The first 24-reservations will be given seating priority

Conversation points for each week of the Blanchardstown Corporate Park 4-part women’s mental health conversation group

4th September, week 1: Beating imposter syndrome by rewiring your brain 

Elzaan Marnane, Principal Clinical Psychologist with Core Clinical, will be leading the conversation during week 1 and closing the conversation during week 4.

  • Self-limiting beliefs associated with imposter syndrome keep undermining us because they are wired into our brains
  • There are specific factors that are created and are maintained, the self-limiting neurological wiring in the brains of women
  • We can truly start to believe that we are good enough by challenging and changing this faulty wiring

11th September, week 2: Identifying self-care

Tracy Mallon, Psychotherapist and Certified Mindfulness Trainer with Heartful Connections Counselling, will continue the conversation for week 2.

  • The mental load and what exactly does it mean?
  • Why do we struggle with self-care?
    • Sometimes feelings like guilt, or even just not knowing our own needs or how best to meet them, can reduce our ability to benefit from the kinds of things we try to do/call self-care. Let’s start to really get to know ourselves and our needs.
  • Self-care, on its own, is not enough; there remains prioritising supportive relationships and finding our cheerleaders in life. We are a social species wired for connection and co-operation for our very survival!
  • How to reduce the mental load – delegating versus specialising
  • Practical ways to avoid burnout; “if we don’t make time for wellness, we will end up having to make time for illness, either way, we spend time!”

18th September, week 3:  Demanding your monetary worth 

Aoife Gaffney, Money Coach with Prudence Moneypenny Coaching, coaches audiences on her personal branded message, how to be a W.I.T.C.H – a Woman in Total Control of Herself to gain financial freedom through the following steps: 

  • Identify and release your money blocks  
  • Overcome underearning  
  • Create lasting and easy to follow wealth building plans  
  • Pay yourself first without feeling selfish  
  • Do more with less effort and less money  
  • Feel comfortable talking about money  
  • Stop sabotaging your own success  
  • Transform your relationship with yourself and your money 

25th September, week 4:  Understanding your unique stress response through polyvagal theory 

  • What is the polyvagal theory? 
  • How polyvagal theory can help you to: 
    • See that your stress response is valid 
    • Realise that self-care is not a guilty pleasure or selfish pursuit.  It is a necessary investment to help you stay in your zone where you can thrive. 
    • Set boundaries without guilt

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