Callout for Business Showcase Entrants!

We’re inviting 10 companies from parks 1 and 2 to enter into our Business Showcase this year at the Christmas Celebration party, 12th December! The best Christmas-themed products will win a prize!

This year it’s big! We’re throwing all of Blanchardstown Corporate Park, parks 1 and 2 a Christmas Celebration! We’re giving away some huge items, too. (Fancy an all-expenses-paid trip to Lapland for the entire family??!!)

With all this fanfare going on, we figured it would be an excellent opportunity to show off the talent we’ve got in the park. That’s where you come in. We want to showcase your product at the Christmas Celebration. If the item you manufacture or produce in Blanchardstown can be tied to Christmas we’ll give you a demo table to show it off.

(P.s. The editor and chief of Think Business will be conducting interviews for companies demoing their products on the day. This is free, digital advertising!!)

Conditions to enter your company into the drawing:

  • Products must be shown off with a Christmas theme (as in, the product is useful for the holiday).
  • Hand-held or playful products featured will be given priority (i.e. drones, cameras, VR, clothing, books, dogs wearing Santa hats, etc…)

Click here, or on the registration button above to enter the competition and display your work.

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