High Intensity Interval Training

**UPDATE** This course is no longer running. Please, leave a comment below providing feedback regarding this course. Did you enjoy it? How was the instructor? If you’d like to see this course come back, that is something that can certainly be arranged!


We have just begun a 6-week HIIT fitness course for employees. HIIT is High-Intensity Interval Training (see the video attached for a demonstration). It features plenty of core, abdominal, strength training, legs, toning, and balancing techniques to help you feel stronger and feel amazing!

The course is designed to help you feel fit, stay healthy, and to enhance your happiness levels!

📅: Mondays & Fridays for 6 weeks (start date 14th October)
🕒: 1.00 – 1.30 pm
🏢: Park 2, plaza 255

Three options to 💰💰💰:
Drop-in per class €10
6-week course x 2 classes per week €84
6-week course x 1 class per week €56

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